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Zebra Faux Fur Playmat 3-Sizes

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Zebra Faux Fur Play Mat

Our faux fur kids playmat prices are among the lowest anywhere and all our faux fur rugs come with free shipping within the Continental US. A wonderful little friend. Absolutely adorable, amazingly fun, an awesome playmate. A bold design with cotton ball softness. Transform a room or roll up a little one and take him along. Colors include jet black, soft white, and light silvery gray. Machine washable, hypoallergenic, short pile, slip resistant. Made of 80% acrylic 20% polyester. Made under strict supervision and testing to make sure no harmful chemicals were used in the manufacturing of these faux fur play mats.

Machine wash in COLD water, spin briefly and gently, tumble dry on LOWEST setting or dry flat or hang to dry. You may brush the fibers gently to fluff the pile after drying. DO NOT BLEACH. DO NOT IRON. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. DO NOT USE HEAT OF ANY SORT., hypoallergenic, slip resistant. Made of 80% acrylic 20% polyester.

Available Play Mat Sizes:
28" x 43" - $53
40" x 55" - $94
56" x 79" - $173

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Durable and colorfast with child safe 1/2" pile height these faux fur playmats are a hit with both kids and parents

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