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Product Care & Cleaning

Sheepskin Rugs and Bed Covers.

With the proper care, a sheepskin rug or bed cover can last a lifetime.

Never subject sheepskin to direct sunlight. Never place sheepskin near a direct flame or intense heat.

Sheepskin has a natural ability to resist mildew and ground in dirt. However, there will come a time that it needs to be cleaned.
NEVER put natural sheepskin in a washing machine or dry with heat. The back of natural sheepskin is leather and if washed by machine or heat dried, it will lose it's shape. Also, all the natural oils will be lost leaving your sheepskin without any protection or shine.
First either shake out or vacuum your rug. Do not use a vacuum with a beater brush. The high pile will get tangled in the brush and rip out. Always use an attachment.
All sheepskin products can be dry cleaned by an expert who specializes in leather or sheepskin.
If you want to clean it yourself, a sheepskin cleaner or mild detergent such as : Snowy, Johnson's Baby Shampoo or Euclan, can be used. Do not soak your rug. Use a damp sponge. Hang to dry away from direct sunlight. Then use a metal brush, (a dog brush is fine), to raise the pile.

Car Seat Covers

Removing the seat cover occasionally and shaking it out also removes loose dirt and restores the fleece to its original condition. Remember that your seat cover is a fine woolen product and must be treated as such. Harsh washing and / or drying can cause permanent damage, therefore dry cleaning is recommended. If the seat cover is soiled, it may be washed without damage providing that proper instructions are followed:

  1. Hand wash in cool to luke warm water, using a mild soap designed for sheepskin.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and gently remove the excess water.
  3. Dry naturally without using direct heat. Stretch the skin during drying to prevent shrinkage.
  4. When dry, brush up fleece with a coarse pet brush to restore.
  5. Brush and vacuum at least once a month.

Please note if you are not comfortable cleaning the seat covers yourself, find a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning leather.

Like any other natural product, if your seat cover is exposed to prolonged sunlight, some fading or color change can occur.

A typical sheepskin seat cover should last about 5 years. However, it is common to talk with customers who have had the same seat covers for over 15 years.

Sheepskin Footwear

How to take care of your sheepskin slippers:
Caring for your slippers is easy. Get the most from your slippers by following these care instructions.
First off, don’t immerse your sheepskin slippers in water.
To clean the suede leather on the outside of your slippers:
* Use a damp cloth and diluted, mild detergent such as Ivory Liquid.
* Rinse the cloth and rub again.
* Remove moisture with a dry cloth.
You can also use a suede cleaner found in most shoe stores.

To clean the fleece on the inside of your slippers:
* Use a damp cloth and diluted, mild detergent such as Ivory Liquid.
* Rinse the cloth and rub again.
* Remove moisture with a dry cloth.
* Brush fleece lightly to renew nap.
* Let your sheepskin slippers dry in natural light away from direct sunlight.

To freshen your sheepskin slippers:
* Sprinkle baking soda over the fleece.
* Let your sheepskin slippers stand overnight.
* Shake and vacuum the fleece.
* Spray your sheepskin slippers lightly with an anti-bacterial spray.
* Let the spray dry thoroughly before wearing your sheepskin slippers.

Saddle Pads

Sheepskin saddle pads should be hand washed in cold water using a mild soap designed for sheepskin. Either Eucalan, Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo or Ivory Snow Flakes. It is no longer suggested to wash saddle pads in washing machine because we find that the agitator can be rough on the sheepskin and on the finely stitched quilt. Remove excess water in the pad by carefully squeezing the water out or by placing it in your washing machine on the SPIN CYCLE ONLY. DO NOT WRING THE PAD OUT as it may result in damaging the pad. Saddle pads should be line dried, OUT OF THE SUN. Lightly stretch the pad during the drying process to avoid shrinkage. DO NOT PUT THE PAD IN A DRYER OR USE HEAT TO DRY. Once dried, lightly brush the sheepskin with a pet brush to separate the wool fibers.

Also, sheepskin saddle pads must be allowed to dry between rides so that the sheepskin is given a chance to stabilize. Prolonged use of a pad without proper drying may cause stretching or contorting resulting in damage. Once dry, a light brushing with a pet brush will keep the wool fluffy.

Baby Rugs and Medical Bed Pads

Do not machine wash or dry.
For best results follow instructions for sheepskin rugs.