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Faux Fur Playmats

Faux fur playmats can be used as accent pieces on chairs or sofas. They've also been used as bed covers. The perfect combination of design and functionality. Our kid's room fake fur playmats are knitted on old-style machines with cleverly crafted textiles that blend the idea of soft light weight fabric with vivid color, with the durability and strength of carpet to create a solid one-piece construction. These playmats not only look terrific they’re versatile, strong, and easy to care for. Don’t be hasty to throw these in the wash. Dirt sits atop the fibers, so frequent and vigorous shaking is the best way to keep your rug clean and fluffed. Do not vacuum unless you have a special machine or attachments. No Beater Brush! Do not dry clean. Do not iron. All play mats are machine washable in COLD WATER, GENTLE CYCLE, SHORT SPIN. Line dry recommended. Do not use heat to dry. Brush lightly while damp with a soft, nylon bristle pet brush. Faux fur playmats don’t and won’t shed. Excess fibers from manufacture are perfectly normal and must not be confused with shedding. Any amount of fluffs can settle on top of the rug as it’s made. You may find some noticeable “hangers on” where the rug was cut for its shape, but once these have been shaken off, your rug will not produce its own loss.

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